Planetary Astronomy, the book: first announcement!


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Have you ever wondered if there was a complete and recent book for observing and imaging planets? … Now there will be one!

In 2015 me and six skillful amateurs published a book that has won a great success in France (… and even outside France!): Astronomie Planétaire. I am delighted to announce that it’s going to be translated into english so more people will be able to read it! Click on the image to learn more:


The book is a comprehensive study of the whole perimeter of planetary astronomy:

  • Learning how to use equipment (telescopes, cameras, filters…)
  • Learning how to use softwares (alignment and stacking, wavelets, derotation…)
  • Learning how to identify activity observable on planets
  • Learning how to analyse the data and even participate to science projects!

Planetary Astronomy will be published by AXILONE. More to come later!