The JUNO workshop in Nice, May 12th-13th 2016

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Getting ready for the arrival of the JUNO spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter, a workshop was held this month in Nice, France, around scientists and amateurs from various countries in the world. High quality informations now available for everyone!

Some thirty astronomers from the entire world met for this two-days workshop around JUNO. Their objectives were to present the mission, to describle how amateurs can participate, and to share advanced techniques of observation and analyses (filters, ADC’s, Autostakkert, WinJupos…). Most talks are now available online so feel free to browse on the following website:

Talks from the Europlanet JUNO workshop

Among other important informations, John Rogers from the BAA urged observers to watch for a possible revival of the North temperate belt of Jupiter (NTB). Indeed, the measured windspeed in the region, as calculated from the JUPOS project and based on amateur images, is now showing a noticeable increase, similar to that of 2010, previous to the 2012 NTB revival. It’s important to watch for this as JUNO will then be able to image it in high resolution from the start. And don’t tell yourself that this is going to be impossible as the planet will approach solar conjunction: in 2012, it was under such tricky conditions that Manos Kardasis did imaged the start of the revival:

The JUNO workshop was supported by the Europlanet 2020 RI project, the French astronomical society, the IMCCE, the Azur coast observatory, the University of Pais Vasco in Spain, the BAA, and the Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL).

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