Author Christophe Pellier

Hi everyone ! I have created this new blog to share more easily my comments about the world of planetary astronomy. Even if I'm already an experienced observer, there are always things to learn and products or techniques to test and I hope to share this here. I will also post informations about the events I'm attending regularly and other stuff. Planetary astronomy today is becoming again a dynamical domain of observation so let's improve and share our passion !

Actuality of the blog
My e-book “Get successful planetary images”

By subscribing to my newsletter I will offer you a free e-book: Get successful planetary images. Get successful planetary images is a condensated, organized ressource to take a right way to learn planetary imaging, in my personal approach. It containes more than 20 pages and 10 logical steps, with full clickable links…

Astronomical weather forecast
Jupiter in a barometric marsh

There is one situation favorable to good seeing that I did not talked about in my article Five good conditions for astronomical seeing, because its is rarer and more difficult to identify, the “barometric marsh”. That was the condition for me during the night from 3 to 4 December 2013,…