My e-book “Get successful planetary images”

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By subscribing to my newsletter I will offer you a free e-book: Get successful planetary images.

Get successful planetary images is a condensated, organized ressource to take a right way to learn planetary imaging, in my personal approach.

It containes more than 20 pages and 10 logical steps, with full clickable links and easy inside navigation.

You can download my e-book thanks to the subscription form at right!



  1. Christophe Pellier on

    Thank you Stewart. You will see all the major planets well placed from Australia in the coming years, I wish you great observations :)

  2. Many thanks for letting me download this very good guide.
    I have been following your articles for a while and find them very useful.
    Since following your basic principles, my Jupiter imaging has improved dramatically.
    In Australia it has been the first time that Jupiter has been well placed in the sky since I started imaging about 2 years ago.

    Stewart Beveridge
    Astronomical Society of Victoria

  3. Christophe Pellier on

    Hi Dan, many thanks for your very kind comment! Hope that e-book helps you.

  4. Just getting started in planetary imaging and your eBook “Get Successful Planetary Images” is loaded with insightful information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely. You are an asset to the astronomical community.

  5. Dear Christophe, thanks a lot for this executive, practical and great guide. I hope this is a starter for your book, I am really looking forward to it.

    Merci, Guillermo.

  6. just getting started in planetary photography–lots of new advice from experience, and lots of confirmation of the “right” way to go. Merci beaucoup.

  7. Very good guide, it has helped me a lot to get started. It talks about the basic concepts but important to consider

  8. The e-book is very usesful, many thanks. Plus the website has tonnes of information too.

    Looking to improve my imaging and you have already helped me with wavelets!

  9. Christophe Pellier on

    Mark, many thanks and good luck for your Uranus observations! The planet will be well placed in the sky and currently a vast bright polar region can be seen in red/Ir light. Maybe some big storms will happen and they will be within our reach.

  10. Hi Christophe,

    This is a very useful document for getting started and you are very generous with your knowledge. I only recently discovered your website and it is now bookmarked on my browser as a rich resource! I am an Australian living in Strasbourg and I have joined a local astronomical association – we are using your Uranus tips for a planned project on the cloud bands this autumn. Thanks for all your efforts.



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