The guide “10 steps to get successful planetary images”

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Note: the guide has been updated in the e-book “Get successful planetary images”

This week I propose you some content under a different form: instead of a new article, I have just finished to write a small practical guide “10 steps to get successful planetary images”.

This is a synthetic writing of my personal approach to planetary imaging. Often it is described only from a technical point of view (how to get the videos, how to process them with a software….) or under the concept of high resolution. But while all those tips are essential from my point of view they do not cover all the steps.

The 10 steps, all accompanied by practical advices, are the following:

  1. Learn about the planets you want to image
  2. Watch images – a lot, and frequently
  3. Forecast good nights for your site
  4. Collimate your telescope. Before each session
  5. Look in the eyepiece!
  6. Choose your equipment following your projects
  7. Find the adequate sampling
  8. Find focus
  9. Learn how to set your camera
  10. Find landmarks for the processing of your images

You can download the guide with your e-mail on the subscribing form at right. I send e-mails only to help you improve your own images – this is not a regular newsletter, but I want to be able to ask questions directly to the readers of my blog to know about their needs in planetary imaging.

Once you have read the guide, I would be sincerely curious of your opinion, positive or negative. Do not hesitate to drop a comment below or to use the contact form at bottom right if you prefer ;)

Have a nice reading!



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